Genre: Faith-Based Drama 

Tagline:  Bikers, Beer, Bullets, and a Bulldog . . . Family Values at its Best            

Logline:  When biker/bar owner Madeline “Maddy” Wonder is willed custody of her 7 year-old nephew on the condition she raises him as a Christian, she quickly discovers raising a 7 year-old is not the hard part. 

Synopsis:  When biker/bar owner Madeline “Maddy” Wonder’s sister and brother-n-law die via the hands of a drunk driver, she is willed custody of her 7 year-old nephew Christian on the grounds she raises him as a Christian.  Maddy soon discovers that raising a 7 year-old is not the hard part as she must radically adjust her lifestyle, while confronting the guilt inside of her knowing that she served the drinks to the man who killed her sister and brother-n-law.   

The drama increases as the drunk driver is given the opportunity to take a plea in return for informing on Maddy as the one who served him the drinks.  If he takes this plea bargain, Maddy will certainly lose custody of her nephew to her older living church going, but evil sister who will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.  Maddy decides to post the drunk drivers bail on the condition that he remains quiet, does not take the plea, and stays with her in order that she can keep tabs on him.  When Maddy’s older sister discovers that the drunk driver is staying with Maddy, she informs the Child Protective Services who steps in and removes Christian from her, while at the same time the District Attorney’s office arrests Maddy for being an accessory to the deaths of her sister and brother-n-law.   

At the intense and climatic child custody hearing, Maddy’s story unfolds and it is here in an unexpected ending, the reader/viewer is left replaying the story in their mind as this twist ending propels the story into a greater dimension of drama leaving the reader/viewer with a deeper understanding of faith, the power of prayer, and God’s love.    

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