Offer lodging and meals for cast and crew:

Offer lodging and meals for cast and crew: One of our greats needs is a clean, safe place and a hot meal for our out of town cast and crew. They work long hard days for little or no pay. We truly appreciate anyone who will offer a spare room, couch or pay for a motel room for at least one member of the team.

Though some cast and crew are here for the full duration of the filming schedule, some are only here for a few days. We often need places for these folks to wind down and rest after spending the day on the set.

We alway work diligently in seeking cast sand crew who have a respectable reputation. We always understand that our lodging host need to be insured that whoever they host in their home is suitable and acceptable to the host home first! You have the full right to refuse anyone you feel uncomfortable with.

If You would like to host one or more of the cast and crew please fill out the form below.