Auditions Blind Date

ROBIN – Robin Carter, 16, sits at table. She is blind (Chloe Raines)

THEODORE – Theodore Sims 16, junior in high school 

                  Theodore 1 Auditions sides/lines

                  Theodore 2 Auditions sides/lines

TROY – Troy Steele 17ish

                   Troy Audition sides/lines

KAITLYN – Kaitlyn, 40ish Robin’s mom (Michelle Castelli)

GRAMPA – Theodore’s Grampa (Lee Kelley)

PRINCIPAL – Principal Barnes 60ish (Stuart Miller)

DAVID – Robin’s Dad 40ish

                      David Audition sides/lines

HOLLY – Holly Hunter healing minister (Cindi Miller)

BUBBA – boy 16ish

                     Bubba Audition sides/lines

GLORIA – girl 16ish

                      Gloria Audition sides/lines

DEBBY – Theodore’s mom 40ish

                      Debby Audition sides/lines

BECKY – 16 old girl, Becky

                      Becky Audition sides/lines

BRENDA – girl 16ish

                      Brenda Audition sides/lines

Audition Instructions:

  1. Any video camera will do as long as it is a clear clip with no distortion.
  2. Do not let your face be covered with shadows or low lighting.
  3. Film in front of a solid background with no decor in the picture. Hang a sheet or cloth behind you in needed to hide the background.
  4. Frame yourself so we can see your body language as you film.
  5. Your top frame should be slightly above the top of your head. The bottom Frame should be slightly below your waste.
  6. Make sure you have good audio, not too low, no off-screen noises or distorted.
  7. It is important to know your lines without reading them as you film.
  8. Do not look into the camera, choose a focus point just off camera and keep your eyes away from the lens.
  9. Your reader should sit just off camera where they can be heard but not seen. Regardless of the gender of the character, it does not matter if the reader is male or female and their acting skills are not being judged.
  10. Always watch your video before you send it in. Make sure all instructions were followed.
  11. Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Please include a password if necessary.
  12. Just relax and have fun!!!