About Us

GodZone Ministry, Inc. The organization

Mission Statement is:

To glorify God by sharing the gospel through the many avenues of media and media training.

Goal  is to be:

  • A servant to God through the works we produce.
  • A Ministry with Christ centered leadership.
  • An example of discipleship to youth, leaders, businesses, and communities.
  • A strong and sound production company that positively represents the values of our staff and contributors.
  • A spiritual inspiration to our audience.
  • An extraordinary place to work, learn and grow in Christ.



Is to create biblically accurate media tools to reach and witness to all of God’s children. We hope to win as many souls to Christ as possible for the glory of God. GodZone believes that a media production organization with Christian fundamentals should be a positive influence to people around the globe.



We give all praise and glory to God for every opportunity, blessing and trial we face at GodZone Ministry each and every day. May God open our hearts, eyes and ears to his will. We pray that God will guide this ministry in a way that will improve the moral and spiritual values of our communities through the works we do for Him. We pray for strength, courage and wisdom in fulfilling the call God has put on our hearts. We surrender this ministry, ourselves, and our works to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God be with us as we enter the battle field.


Scripture to Live By

Mark 16:15 (NIV) Jesus said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” 

  • “What better way to do that than through the media.” Stuart Miller

GodZone Ministry is a non-denomination organization.



GodZone was established in 2005 as a worship ministry on TSTC Waco campus. By mid 2007 we shifted our focus to youth ministry and producing television programs.  We soon had over 150 teens actively involved in the production of our nationally syndicated TV series “Heavenly High”.  Most of the original teens are grown and moved on into their adult lives. However, we have several who have continued with GodZone as producers, directors, actors, and mentors. It is an honor and a blessing to have the privilege to work with so many fine young men and women who love serving God. We give all glory to God.